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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you not show all of your light possibilities?

​A: Since our lights are custom made to your liking, there are combinations of metal banding and border designs that can be added together or with a center design. With all of those possibilities, that gives over 7 million light designs that can be made. We have not even made all the combinations available yet and it would be too much for one to look at in one sitting. We let you choose from our most popular selections of designs and colors or call us to create and combine your own look.​

Q: Where are your lights made?

A: Our lights are made in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA, by Americans.​

Q: How are lights installed?

A: UL and most state codes require a 3 3/4 inch round or square electrical box to be installed in the wall or ceiling when the house it built. Our lights include all the hardware to attach and cover that box in as easy a way as possible. We can also accommodate non-standard mounting situations such as wires coming out of the wall or swag hooks. Please call for details. An instruction sheet is included with each order.​

Q: Do you sell to designers or contractors at a discount?

A: Yes, we offer discounts to interior designers, architects and contractors. Please call to get information on qualifying for your specific price point.​

Q: How well do your lights hold up outside?

A: We use the best quality paint and materials possible. All of our outdoor wall lights are made from ceramic slip and are fired at 1940 degrees. We have shipped them as far north as Alaska and south to the Florida Keys. We use premium grade exterior waterbase acrylic latex paint and premium waterbase exterior acrylic metallic paints for long lasting color. Everything will fade eventually based on the amount of sun and weathering they receive, but our lights should give many years of beauty and service with no problems. We offer a full 1 year warranty on the entire light and will replace it for free including shipping if there are any problems at all.

PAR Specs:

PAR 38 lampholder specifications:


120V PAR 38 150W Hooded Lampholder – 5-3/8″ Dia., SV

Specifications and Features

  • Cat. No.             HL2
  • Description      PAR 38 Light Lampholder
  • Voltage              120V
  • Lamp                 PAR 38 150W Max. (Not Included)
  • Includes            Inner Gasket
  • Finishes             Silver

Q: Where do you ship for free?

A: Southwest Ceramic Lighting offers free delivery within the contiguous United States. You can find out additional shipping costs by emailing or calling Southwest Ceramic Lighting.

Q: What is the normal shipping time?

A: Your order will take from 2-3 weeks to be completed and from Albuquerque it takes about 3-4 days to reach the state of Washington and 5-7 days for New England states or Florida. Call for time to destinations outside the contiguous United States.​

Q: We have CFL bulbs in our light fixture and it flickers when we dim the light. Is there some sort of adapter or newer fixture I need to install to correct the problem?

A: Standard compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs cannot be dimmed. However, dimmable-rated CFL bulbs are available. The dimmable bulbs do cost more, but you should be able to find them at your local hardware store.

As with most things, with light bulbs, you get what you pay for. Some of the lower-cost CFL bulbs will allow you to dim your lights down only about halfway, and lighting professionals have told me they still see flickering with some of these cheaper bulbs. Because you seem to really like and use the ambiance options that dimming your light gives you, I recommend you invest a little more in a more versatile CFL bulb. In the end, you’ll likely recoup that investment through a longer-lasting and more efficient bulb that will save you more energy than the incandescents. CFL bulbs use up to 75 percent less energy and last about 10 times longer.

Another idea to think about is LED lights, rather than CFL. They deliver a fuller range of dimmable capability. It might be worth it to try out a few different options to determine what works best visually for you and acrylic tops can be applied to the top of the lights to keep the LED lights free from weather elements.

All that said, you still might require the help of a reputable, licensed electrician in your area. If you live in home with an older dimmer switch, the round dial type in particular, many of those will not dim anything other than incandescent or halogen bulbs. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace your old switch with a dimmer switch that is rated for use with CFL bulbs. The same is true if you use most LED new technology bulbs as well. Experts I spoke with suggest a 300-watt dimmer that is rated to work with both of the newer bulb types.

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